The research Microcluster (MCI) Globalization, Tourism and Heritage was created at 2011 by 15 university professors inside the VLC International Campus of Excellence Program who have started to work together in some research projects related to ICT, creative industries, culture, the social role of the heritage, and its conservation.

The research MCI Globalization, Tourism and Heritage is structured based on an interdisciplinary and interuniversity group of investigation focused on the sustainability of cultural heritage. An interdisciplinary team composes it, Art History, Conservation & Restoration, Management and Computer Engineering professors work together to meet ways where a sustainable management of the heritage will be possible, with a special focus on ICT. The background of the professors is diverse: Economics, Fine Arts, Engineering, Restoration and Law.

We use the locations of our respective research structures: the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, the Management Department and the University Institute of Control Systems and Industrial Computing (Ai2) of Polytechnic  University of Valencia, and Department of Art History of University of Valencia. The first one has several labs and equipment to scientific research, technological development, innovation and knowledge transfer in the field of heritage conservation. On the other hand, the Management Department uses different software and databases for its research activity, being one of the most productive departments at the UPV. The Ai2 focuses on automating distributed systems in different areas: robotics, industrial computing, computer vision, computer graphics and process control.

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